Medical booking has never been easier.

Docplus is a fast and easy online appointment booking system that connects patients with medical practitioners.

What Docplus Can Do For You...

... as a Patient

Less Waiting

Docplus's hassle-free booking will reduce the time you spend searching for treatment.

Fast and Easy

In just a few clicks, you can book your medical appointments with Docplus any time, anywhere.

Friendly Reminders

Never forget an appointment with Docplus's text and email reminders.

... as a Doctor

More Clients

Your medical practice will gain more exposure with our powerful search tool.

More appointments

With a greater flux in customers, those empty slots will quickly get filled.

No-Cost Training

Docplus is designed to serve your need in the simplest manner, even if transitioning from an existing platform.

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Why Docplus?

Moving medical appointments into the 21st century
At Docplus, we dedicate our time to our platform because we strive for an ideal. We don’t settle on making marginal improvements to the current booking system, we want to create one that is fundamentally better. We are a young international team composed of multidisciplinary members from branches of finance and computer science. The frustrating experience of trying to book a medical or dental appointment in our busy life made us group our talents to come up with a solution. Throughout the last decades, medical booking has been done over the phone. From physical agenda to complex software, the medium has changed, but the way of inputting did not. Our mission at Docplus is to truly modernize this system by creating an efficient and easy way to book appointments online any time of the day.

Who we are ...

A team of passionate university students.

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